Saturday, September 25, 2010

Die Herbstzeitlosen

I thought I’d tell you about Die Herbstzeitlosen (Late Bloomers), movie that I saw a long time ago (depending on how long would you consider “a long time”, it came out in 2006, so it’s actually not that long, just 4 years ago). And the reason of this post is that I believe that you would enjoy this comedy as much as I did. Although I guess it might be difficult to find the movie…but if you ever have the chance of watching it I sure recommend you to do so.

Martha Jost (Stephanie Glaser) is the main character, a woman who has spent her whole life in her husband’s company, so his death leaves the 80-year old lady grieving. She has lost interest in everything, including Sunday card games.

Her friends Frieda, Lisi and Hanni see how their dear Martha finds little joy in life, so they try to cheer her up and the four of them end up making a trip to the capital in order to buy fabrics for a flag they want to use at the approaching local festival.

Between velvet, silk and fine lace Martha recalls her unfulfilled dream – opening a lingerie boutique on the Champs-Elysées-. The four ladies make a quick stop in a lingerie store and Martha, with her professional eye for sewing, stitching and designing complains about the low quality of the pieces in the store. Fun loving Lisi, tries to convince Martha to pursue her life-long dream and use the space her husband used to have as a grocer's shop in order to open the boutique.

But Lisi’s excitement isn’t precisely a shared feeling, strict Frieda is bored in her nursing home and resolute Hanni cares for her husband day and night.Yet with a lot of passion and talent on Martha’s side, and continuous support from Lisi, le Petit Paris is opened.

The lovely Swiss little village is scandalized by Martha’s opening and the narrow-minded villagers question the old woman’s morality and sanity. Martha’s own son, Walter, no other but the priest, wants to close the little boutique and instead use the place for his Bible study group.

Her friends on the other hand, Frieda and Hanni in view of the general reaction of the village and inspired by Martha’s new-owned independence, they feel that regardless of their age they can still have a lot of fun.

Therefore they both support their friend and even make some changes in their life, Hanni for example packs up her bags and ventures to obtain her driver’s license. Frieda finds a companion-a handsome gentleman- in the nursing home and takes computer lessons so she ends up introducing her friend’s Petit Paris to the Worldwide Web.

If you have seen the movie, let me know whether you liked it or not. And if you haven't I truly hope you will. Personally, I loved the entire movie, but the part where they are getting the boutique ready for the opening and where Martha is sewing and designing those wonderful corsets is just lovely!

A beautiful afternoon to you all!

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