Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autumn ' 09 Make Up

Hi everyone!

I've been away these past days enjoying my summer holidays, so I haven't posted anything lately... but today I thought I might just show you guys all the lovely make-up collections for this '09 fall.  

Chanel - Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Giorgio Armani - I am drolling over that nail polish colour.... 

Dior - all the models have lovely blue eyes *sigh* 

Nars - she looks like a pretty porcelain doll 

Yves Saint Laurent - Bold colored lips are amazing ...

I'm so happy that rich blood reds, sour-cherry & plum coloured lipsticks are IN this fall! These collections are lovely, quite dramatic and they seem to wish us all a beautiful fall... :)


The Spoiled Feline



  1. these looks are so rich in color. the lips are strong and then the eyes just pop against their faces. i love them. :)

  2. Love Nars and Armani. I guess, it also has something to do with the models, I adore both of them.