Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coco Chanel

I've been feeling kind of sick these days, but now I'm all better and ready to tell you all about this pretty TV movie called Coco Chanel :) The reason why I'm telling you about it, is that you have probably seen Coco avant Chanel already.  And they're not the same movies although they both tell Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel's story.

I've seen this TV movie a couple of months ago on a Friday night when I was also feeling sick. I turned on the tv and as always they were doing all sorts of annoying gossipy shows,  when I saw that they were about to do a movie called Coco Chanel. I was quite skeptical and puzzled at the beginning, thinking that it can't be true because Coco avant Chanel was recently released in the cinemas so they can't air it on tv so soon. Then I figured out that it was a different movie :)

They're quite different though. Coco avant Chanel centers on the designer's life before becoming a famous designer, before Chanel . While Coco Chanel is a rather biographical movie that tells Gabrielle Chanel's story from her sad childhood to her fame, the way she started designing hats, how she opened her first boutique etc.  And I think that this TV movie worths seeing, I just loved all the details, how they showed the Coco creating her designs:

I really enjoyed this movie, and if you haven't seen it but you liked Coco avant Chanel with Audrey Toutou then you should try to make some time and see this movie too. It's absolutely beautiful! 

Young Coco Chanel is played by Barbora Bobulova and old Coco Chanel by Shirley MacLaine, they were both lovely!

If you do eventually see this movie tell me your opinion, though I truly believe you will love it just as much as I did.

Have a beautiful, beautiful weekend!


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  1. Hello :-))). I did see this movie and loved it! I thought it was made with great attention to detail. I believed that the character on the screen is Coco herself. I would love to see the new movie "Coco Before Chanel". Infortunately with so many things to do I simply did not have enough time to watch it as of yet. but I absolutely adore Audrey Toutou and think that she was an excellent choice to play a part of Coco. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, I enjoyed looking thorugh them very much!
    I also stopped by to say "good by". I am leaving to London tomorrow, you can read more in my Blog. I will miss you very much and will look forward to coming back and reading more wonderful posts from you!:-)))