Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garnier Pure A

Hello Everyone!

I meant to do this review because I think everyone should know about these products, and the fact that they're amazing!

I remember buying the Garnier Pure A SOS -Anti Imperfection Pen a few years ago, but I was deeply disappointed and I ended up throwing it out. Nevertheless, Sarah (The Polished) posted a couple of months ago that the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleansing Pads worked for her. So I meant to buy the pads, unfortunately I couldn't find this Neutrogena wonder and I bought the Garnier Pure A Daily Purifying Pads 56's & the Garnier Pure Active Anti-spot roll-on. I was quite skeptical at the beginning because of my past experience with the sos-anti imperfection pen, but these two surprised me, they really worked! Not only did my spot disappear but I could see the effect in a few hours. 

So I'm really happy with these two products 'cause they practically saved me from growing a  "horn" in the middle of my forehead and looking like a unicorn, haha ...

& here they are: 

Has anyone else tried them? Did they work for you?


The Spoiled Feline



  1. Well, I think you are absolutely right. I did try this product and was as happy with it as you are. My only advice: do not use it exclusively. Your skin ends up getting used to it and does not react as well. I usually take some breaks and than come back to it for better results.:-)))

  2. It seems that the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleansing Pads are only available in Australia as a few people have said that they have not been able to find them - very weird!!

    Great review! I am going to check out these products very soon :)