Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Hair

Good morning everyone! 

This past days I've been going to the beach regularly and I just hate it when my hair is all sandy & salty. Besides, due to the fact that my hair is exposed to the sun every day it gets very sensitive. So, there are a few products that I absolutely NEED in order to keep my hair healthy & I thought I'd share these hair saviors with you :)

First of all, no matter whether I go to the beach/pool or not, every morning I spray some Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure "SUN GUARDIAN". As well as I use UV-protection for my skin, I do it for my hair too.  BC SUN GUARDIAN with Solar Care Technology, Amino acid, Aloe Vera extract and specific UV-filters protect hair structure and maintain colour brilliance.

Result: UV-protection for healthy, supple hair for long-lasting beauty.

Application: Shake well to mix the 2 phases then spray onto hair. Do not rinse. 

It's a 200 ml bottle, but it goes a long way. I've been using it these summer months & the bottle isn't empty yet :)

After using this, I shower and I usually use the shampoo:

Although the truth is that right now I'm not using this shampoo because I ran out of it. Instead I'm using the Yes To Carrots Daily Pampering Shampoo (See previous posts). But I do love the SUN GUARDIAN shampoo :) it cleans my hair really well and it leaves it salt-free & shiny!

What I DO use now next to my UV-protection spray, is the SUN GUARDIAN treatment: 

Actually I've been using the Schwarzkopf SUN GUARDIAN for the past 3 summers. Yet they didn't sell any of the other products at the shop I usually buy hair stuff from until last year, when they sold the shampoo with the UV-protection spray & the treatment in a pack. That's when I discovered how much I need these products. The after-sun treatment may be rinsed-out or left-in, personally I don't really like leaving it in because it has a weird gel texture, and I hate gel in my hair.

Therapy: BC SUN GUARDIAN with Solar Care Technology. Treatment with amino acid and Aloe Vera extract for intensive reconstruction and rehydration of the hair.

Result: Healthy, moisturized hair with improved suppleness and shine for long-lasting beauty.

Application: Massage into towel-dried hair, rinse-out after 5-10 minutes (preferably 10) or leave in for more intensive moisturizing effect. 

I must say though that Schwarzkopf's professional Bonacure line of hair products is my ultimate favorite. But these products are salon exclusive so I can't advise you on where to buy them :( . I buy them at this little shop quite close to my house, where they only sell salon exclusive products. It's my favorite place to buy shampoos, conditioners etc.  Anyway, here's the site where you can get more information about all their products:  

& -for US residents 

If you tried any of these products, let me know your opinion  :)

A beautiful sunny day to everyone!


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful tip! I am a proud owner of long blond hair and although they are carfully garded by my hats I still have difficulty keeping them healthy in the summer. I will, most certainly, try poducts mentioned in your post.

    On the more personal note, please, stop by my Blog. A wonderful "Divine Award" is awaiting for you! :-)))